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Graphic Recording or Scribing helps people get the most out of their event by capturing ideas, insights and decisions in a way that is memorable and inspiring. Simplify and streamline your message using live analogue or digital scribing.
Synthesise hours of content into memorable key messages.


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  • Graphic Recording
  • Illustration
  • Digital Scribing
  • Graphic recording transforms the topics and conclusions of training sessions, meetings and conferences into expressive and vivid illustrations – whether it’s in the form of a large-scale mural, flip chart, pin board or tablet. These images reflect the day’s proceedings for the whole audience to see. A graphic recorder observes the day’s events as they unfold, listening attentively and preserving key messages and conclusions on paper using images and text.

    Simultaneous graphic recording makes the experience clearer and more tangible for audience members.
    I employ my graphic recording services to complement workshops, conferences and meetings, translating words into images.

    I work everywhere, where images help to enlighten complex subjects – in the public sector, in private economy oder in the social sector- on every organization level.

  • Illustrations generate expressive images that effectively convey information via the visual channel. Illustration is graphic storytelling for digital presentations or printed communication. With illustrations complex informations can be turned into rich pictures. When you need to reduce complexity illustrations are a powerful instrument.

  • I also offer live digital scribing of every kind of event.
    The drawings are developed on an Ipad and projected to a big screen. After the event you can send the artwork to the speakers, use it as a memory for the attendees and use the illustration for documentations.


Anne Lehmann, Illustrator and Graphic Recorder


Illustration and book design, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Hamburg, Diploma Art in Context, Faculty of Fine Arts, Universität der Künste Berlin, Insitut für Kunst im Kontext, Master of Arts


I have many years of experience working with international and intercultural groups.
Professional languages: German, English, French


I work everywhere, where images help to enlighten complex subjects – in the public sector, in private economy oder in the social sector- on every organization level.


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  • „Durch ihre Kreativität und Auffassungsgabe gelingt es Anne Lehmann komplexe, mit hin abstrakte Inhalte in einem unvergleichbaren Stil auf den Punkt zu bringen.
    Unsere Veranstaltungen und Marketingprodukte wirken nun auch in anspruchsvollen und zugänglichen Bildern, die Fachwissen auf einer ganz neunen Ebene vermitteln.“

    Yvonne Barkowsky via Transferagentur Kommunales Bildungsmanagement Niedersachsen
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